we manifest the vision of oneness consciousness, support opportunities and partnerships for simply engaging in peace.


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“Many things that exist in the physical world started as an intangible idea. As we invented war, it is possible also to invent peace. As we learned to fear, we can learn to love. As we got used to separation, we can practice inclusion. As we forgot to respect, we can remember compassion. The feeling of gratitude and connection to others will then be almost simple. And we shall agree not to agree and we shall experience peace.”                                   

                                                                                                                                                                (Liat Ishay)

Liat Ishay is the Founder & Chairperson.  Together with an experienced team trained in various disciplines, we decided to invest our knowledge, resources and skills in order to expand peace awareness.

inner peace to international peace

Develop consciousness of brotherhood, mutual help, respectful communication and compassion in circles overcrossing continents, boarders, gender, race & religion.


Support & encourage the sensitivity to harmony, esthetics, art & music as a lever for resonating peace.


Support projects & establishments that teach and promote peace at all levels of human existence.


Initiate, develop & support any activity and education towards consciousness regarding the quality of the environment and preserving nature resources. 


Initiate, develop and support artists, artwork, manuscripts, performances & Innovative initiatives which inspire peace.


Develop leadership provision for young generation that lead to make a change, which promotes and enriches the culture of peace. support and provide Multidisciplinary assistance including economic, social & personal help.


Initiate, support and produce interactive projects that give access for experiencing, discovering and awakening the connection between people, cultures, societies and the surrounding nature.


To constitute a connecting bridge between ngo’s, organizations, groups and individuals which goal is to lead personal, community and social change process.

our values

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